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A small mod to increase the impact each level has, as well as increase the level cap and remove level restriction from items, among other things.

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Update(December 12, 2021): Sorry people, I should have put this note up years ago. I haven't updated this mod in over 4 years, and I haven't even played Grim Dawn in 3. At this point the mod is probably a buggy mess, and I have little to no motivation to fix that. If somebody else wants to take what I've uploaded and turn it into something useable, they are free to do so, but it's unlike to see another update from myself.

Increases the player level cap in the game to 250!

Increases the amount of attribute points you get per level to 3
Decreases the amount of stats each attribute point gives you  to 4 for an overall increase of 50%

Increase the amount of skill points you get per level to 5 (levels 1-25)  4 (levels 26-50) 3 (levels 51-75) 2 (levels 76-100) and 1 (levels 101-249)
Increases the amount of skill points you get at level 250 to 51 (for a total of 550 skill points, cause why not)

Multiplied the amount of exp granted by defeating monsters by 2.25

Increases the player devotion cap to 200

sets level requirements for all items to 1. (100% done with that.)

Removes all slot limitations for enchantments/materials/etc.

Adds a purchasable devotion point to the faction merchant in devil's crossing (costs 150,000 iron, and if i did it right the price should go up each time you purchase it, not 100% confident), also adds dynamite, scrap metal, and aether crystals.

*(Found a few minor bugs with loot tables so the newest version 3.0 doesn't have the increased drop rate, which is why you can still download v2.3 if you want)

Increased the amount of Iron obtained by roughly 10x(Let me know how you guys feel about this)

I included all the records so you guys/gals can feel free to edit this as much as you want, the tools are super easy to use so idc about permissions/credit.
(unless you're selling it for profit.... in which case i accept and expect payment in the form of Flaming Hot Cheetos, preferably the Lime ones)

I still can't seem to get the tags right on the devotion item so forgive me if it looks screwy. (Honestly I've stopped trying)

Thanks to Zombified94 for the heads up about an easy way to change a boatload of files quickly!