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This mod is currently in development. The primary function of the mod is to add additional masteries. The secondary purpose is to modify game mechanics.

Permissions and credits
Current Work in Progress
Game Mechanics
This isn't the primary focus right now but as some skills or pets are added, sometimes it's necessary to rework some mechanics to accomplish the purpose behind the skill or pet. Most of the back end concepts I needed to decide on have been determined and implemented. 

Mastery: Undead Master
I'm currently working on the Glabrezu pet's skills. The Nalfeshnee will be next. I anticipate being able to work on the raven vinculum line in a couple of weeks.

In order to apply the desired PFX/animations to some of the skills, it's been necessary to change the skill's template. Doing this effectively creates a new skill. Thus if you had a skill that was changed (you don't) like Chaos Hammer, then you wouldn't have the skill any more. Any points you spent on it would be lost. It's one of the reasons why most of the skill work I'm doing is on pets. I can figure out what the hell I'm doing and can change pet skills without you losing points. Once the design is settled, I can easily turn it into a character skill and add it to the appropriate mastery. 

Future Work (some) Planned
Game Mechanics
  • Apply new initial values to all NPCs.

Skill Particle Effects
  • Apply custom PFX to skills

  • Update custom skill icons with color theme based on primary function or source of power.

  • Arbalist (crossbowmen) class
  • Elementalist class that includes elemental pets
  • Enchantress/Enchanter class that includes charm spells, buffs, and debufs
  • Sniper class that specializes in 2H guns
  • Summoner class that includes a variety of pets. 

Game Mechanic Changes Completed
  • Armor Absorption: increased the OEM value from 70% to 100%.
  • Attribute Requirements for equipment have been removed. 
  • Cunning: how this formula is derived for the pets has been finalized.
  • Defensive Ability: how this is calculated has been changed and is now DEX/Cunning based.
  • Level Requirements for equipment have been removed.
  • Offensive Ability: how this is calculated has been changed and is still DEX/Cunning based.
  • Physique: how this formula is derived for the pets has been finalized.
  • Probability to Hit: how this is calculated has been changed and allows for a more dynamic result.
  • Skill Points: increased the OEM value from 3 to 6 for level 2.
  • Spirit: how this formula is derived for the pets has been finalized. 

Skills Completed But Not Implemented
Over the course of creating pets and their associated skills, I've developed skills that either don't work correctly for pets but do work fine for the player or work fine for the pet and would also be good for the player. If the skill doesn't fit the mastery that I'm working on, I'm saving it for a future implementation under an appropriate mastery. So far that includes:

  • Blasphemy (T7)
  • Chaos Hammer (T4)
  • Confusion (T3)
  • Dispel Magic (T3)
  • Darkness (T2)
  • Heroism (T3)
  • Mass Charm (T8)
  • Mirror Image (T2)
  • Power Word Stun (T8)
  • Reverse Gravity (T7)
  • Slow (T3)
  • Unholy Blight (T4)

UI Work Completed
Window: Mastery Selection (additional masteries will be added as they are developed). The general format and function is complete though.