Green Hell
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About this mod

Allows carrying soups or infusions in your bidons. Also reworks nutrients gained while drinking it.

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This mod allows to fill your bidons with any liquid, including soups and infusions.
It also modifies how nutrients are gained while drinking liquids: this mod considers "vanilla" nutrients to be for a typical coconut bowl content (10 liquid volumes).
Let's consider bone infusion: 10 fats, 15 proteins and 5 energy.
If you drink a whole coconut bidon (40 volumes) filled with bone infusion, you'll gain 40 fats, 60 proteins, 20 energy.

Their is one (known) downside to this mod considering realism: if you cook a bone infusion in the metallic liquid container (30 liquid volumes), you'll get 3 times the effect with a single bone. Just avoid cooking soups in it if you're considering that cheating.

How to install

First browse to, and unfold "assets" at the end of "BepInEx 5.0 RC1" release post. Download and extract it in Green Hell game folder.
Then download this mod archive and extract the contained DLL into "Green Hell\BepInEx\plugins" folder.
You're done !