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Adds more detail to Aphra, Siora, Kurt, Vasco, and Constantin's face textures, and makes the default eye texture more vivid.

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It bothered me that some of the key characters like Kurt and Vasco have such detailed face textures, but Aphra has almost an exact copy of one of the basic NPC complexions. Also, Aphra and Siora's freckles are so fake looking in my opinion... so I decided to take matters into my own hands. The vanilla eye textures are also a little dull, so I made them more vivid with little light flecks.

Update 10/16/19: Added a minor texture tweak for Kurt, which adds more color to his face and scars. I think it makes him look more lively.
Update 10/19/19: Added Vasco Complexion tweak. This cleans up his tattoos a little, makes his mole more realistic (in my opinion) and lightens the area around his eyes, making him look more his age.
Update 10/26/19: Constantin's complexion tweak now effects SPOILERS, and you can now download this mod in one whole pack! Optional files will remain modular for you to pick and choose instead if you want to.

This mod requires Resorep, and now works on all graphic settings! Some files go into your datalocal folder, and some into Resorep's modded folder. There are more specific instructions in the downloads.

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Usage Tutorial

Big thanks to mrjack900 for writing a texture modding tutorial that made this possible!

Please do not edit my modified textures. I put a lot of work and testing into these. If you would like the vanilla textures to edit for your own use I will make those available for you.