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Always loot all items from chests/enemies, without UI window stopping you after every fight. Now with area loot and no chest respawn (optional).

Permissions and credits
This mod will enable looting every item from all containers (chests, boxes, herbs, enemies...) without popping up a window asking you what to pick which is stopping you from your conquest worse than any difficulty. You can also loot the whole area of dead enemies by using your lamp now - "Light = Loot all corpses button".

I didn't finish the game yet so use with caution.

Conflicts with mods using the same files.
*Added support for Sheathe/visible weapons mod (use the files actions_hum_pla_skills.sli and effects_pla.sli from this mod instead).

Due to changed folder/file structure across versions it is recommended that you delete the mod then install new/another version.

Update 1.4:

- Reworked Area Loot to properly detect quest items and notes. Try to avoid looting quest items from corpses mid-fight, it might create problems.

- Reworked manual loot (e) to show window only for more important items from corpses thus fixing quest items and notes being autolooted.

- Quick loot info message(the list appearing on the right when you pick items) will now show list of looted items for a bit longer making it easier to see what exactly did you pick up.

- Junk items now weight 0 to bypass the manual loot (e) window popup on harvests/corpses carrying nothing of use.

Update 1.3:

- Slightly increased interaction radius from player to chests and containers (roughly 2x the distance)

- Updated Area Loot to detect all dead enemies properly. Some enemies in quests and neutral human enemies turned hostile were not detected by lamp since they had no "Enemy" state. The lamp is now set to any dead character which should solve the problems. From my testing it doesn't loot fallen companions.

- Updated Area Loot with safety checks against quest items in case a cutscene trigger item is dropped.

- Brought back quick looting of chests as main file because i couldn't find any problems with it.

Update 1.2:

*About Area Loot*

Your Magic Lamp is now used to loot all corpses since it was completely useless before. The lamp is custom keybindable so i recommend changing it to a proper key. The radius is 25m which is more than enough to cover the rather small battlefields in this game. You can also use it mid fight so looting in the arena is possible until fight is finished. The lamp checks only for dead enemies before looting, so its still best to avoid using it when doing important quest if there is an enemy corpse containing game progressing loot. From my testing it didn't create any new problems. The game itself is still full of bugs but feel free to report if you find something and ill try to fix it. I'm now continuing my playthrough and fixing any bugs i bump into.

Also added a optional file which brings back looting animations which were removed by developers.

Known issues(features):

- Chests stuck permanently in opened state (chests and containers looted while using the main file will not trigger respawn even after removing the mod)
Use the separate file "no chest looting" if you want chests to respawn.

- Extract Quick Loot folder to your <GamePath>/datalocal directory

- Delete Quick Loot folder from <GamePath>/datalocal