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A simple mod to remove the lantern worn on the player's hip. Does not affect the light given off by the lantern when turned on.

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This is a simple mod to remove the small lantern worn on the player's hip from the start of the game.

Greedfall uses a similar data structure to many Bethesda and old Bioware games with a data override folder where loose files will replace assets loaded by the game's pack files. This mod replaces the lantern accessory with an empty mesh, making it invisible.

If you turn the lantern on it will still give off light and produce a small flame, but personally I haven't used the lantern at all and I didn't like how it always floated there, attached to your person.


To install this mod simply drop the "equipment" folder in the archive into your "datalocal" folder in the game's directory, it will not overwrite any existing files (unless someone else makes a mod that edits the same mesh) and can be uninstalled without any harm by deleting the files.