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Replaces companions' annoying battle cries of your choosing with an empty 100ms sound file, including lipsync. So far only for Kurt, Siora and Vasco.

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So, after a bit of dabbling with the game's files, I've made a simple mod that silences the repetitive cries that your companions feel the need to repeat every five seconds after initiating combat. It's nothing fancy, just a simple replacer, that replaces the game's original files with a silent 100ms vorbis. It also disables lipsync, so they don't flap their mouths for nothing.

It's a pretty rough method, and I'm pretty sure there's a more elegant solution yet to be discovered, since all the game's config files are entirely unecrypted, but it does the job for me, for now. Remember you're using the files on your own discretion. You've been warned.

I got rid of lipsync by setting the duration of all words to 0, initially I was afraid it'll cause them to loop, but nothing bad happened after about two hours of testing. 

Big thanks to Ryder25's EGO PSSG Editor, which I used to edit the files.

While I'm trying to find time to finish this, and most importantly, the game, you can use rockyamyx's similiar mod for characters that are not yet finished.