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Updated versions of Dheuster's gotta-have-em Greedfall mods to be compatible with the latest patch and DLC.

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Mod Slot Support's sli merge/compatibility feature (part of updatemods.exe) will create erroneous entries in your sli files when they have lines that were added by the Gold Edition and/or De Vespe DLC, and sometimes even with just updated parts. My lack of knowledge has thus far not been able to update the script. If you know what to look for and how to fix any potential errors then have it, but otherwise I'd recommend not using the updatemods.exe component of Mod Slot Support until I figure out a fix or Dheuster comes back.

's mods have become staples of the Greedfall modding experience, and his Mod Slot Support serves as a framework many of us other mod authors leverage. He has graciously given me permission to provide updated versions of his mods that will work with the latest Gold Edition and patch version of Greedfall as well as the DLC. All I've done is made them compatible - all credit goes to Dheuster for making these mods. 

For brevity's sake I'm only going to be listing what files I've updated. The full blow-by-blow of each can be found at the original mod pages linked below. 

Mod Slot Support
- added background_loaders\lvl_02_inside_palace.sqg
- updated background_loaders\lvl_07_east_city_background.sqg
- updated background_loaders\lvl_02_south_city_background.sqg

Naut-E Wares
- updated lvl_02_south_city_background.sqg
- updated library_item.sli
- updated library_game_components.sli
- updated library_equipment_default.sli
- updated library_description_tags.sli
- updated cha_autogen_npc_variantes.sli

Romance Enhancer 
- updated common_variables.sli
- updated library_cutscene_loading.sli
- updated music\sound_library.sli
- updated music\music_library_lvl_08_west_city.sli
- updated music\music_library_lvl_02_south_city.sli
- updated music\music_library_lvl_07_east_city.sli

- removed xui_skin_atlas.pgz
- updated items_autogen_equipements.sli
- updated library_equipment_default.sli
- updated text\common_eng.txt
- updated text\common_fra.txt
- updated text\common_spa.txt

Map Anywhere and Romance Enhancer's no-fail option work as-is.

Works in Progress:
- localization of Naut-E Wares
- tracking down why MSS's sli merge ignores certain inserts