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Adds two new armor sets to the game: the Legate of the Congregation set, and the Legate's Personal Guard set.

Permissions and credits
***NOTE: Requires The De Vespe Conspiracy DLC***

I adore the new armors added by the De Vespe Conspiracy DLC so I made new Congregation-themed sets of chestplates, gloves, and boots using them as a base. The Legate of the Congregation set was made with De Sardet in mind, while the Legate's Personal Guard set was envisioned for Kurt, but there's no stat requirements on any of the pieces so mix and match at will. All pieces are sold by the blacksmith in New Serene. 

All texture sizes have been included so the retextures will work at all graphics quality settings.

Important note on usage: Since assets can only be repurposed, not added, the retextures will also apply to the Spadassin armors during the De Vespe Conspiracy DLC. If that breaks immersion too much for you then remember to remove the textures folder from the mod folder before you begin the DLC.

Less important note on usage: The stats on these pieces are based on other legendaries from the game and could be rather OP for a low-level Legate. If that bothers you then you can wait to buy the items, up the game difficulty, or change the stats yourself. Or come yell at me in the comments. You do you, boo.

1. Extract the LegateSet folder from the archive
2. Place it in your datalocal folder, typically located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GreedFall\datalocal
3. Run around looking absolutely fabulous

Delete LegateSet folder from datalocal

Incompatible with anything that modifies library_item.sli, library_description_tags.sli, or game_components_ld_autogen_traders_inventory.sli although some mods can be made compatible by modifying library imports - see below.

Optional manual compatibility:
Two files included in this mod knowingly conflict with others at this time: library_item.sli and library_description_tags.sli. To alleviate this the necessary lines to create compatibility have been included in these files for Naut-E Wares, Sheathe, and Mother's Gift (I can add others as I'm made aware of them).
1. Open library_item.sli using Notepad++ or another text editor capable of maintaining GreedFall's sli file encoding.
2. Find the commented section pertaining to the mod(s) you would like to make compatible and uncomment the needed lines as instructed in the comments.
3. Save the file.
4. Repeat with library_description_tags.sli
5. (Optional) If you're still having issues with compatibility rename the conflicting files in the other mods (eg. old_library_item.sli) to ensure it loads the version in this mod you updated that includes everyone's libraries.

HUGE SHOUTOUT and THANK YOU to Dheuster for taking the time to figure out how to pull apart asset packages and, more crucially, taking the time to document and share the information. You got me started with texture editing in the first place.