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Cleans up Kurt a bit so he looks more like a career solider and less like a frat boy finishing up spring break.

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It always seemed a little odd to me that a guy rocking such a well-kept side shave and was *literally raised by the military* would let himself get so disreputable looking, so I did something about it.

There are now two versions to pick between:
CleanedUpKurt - Original Recipe - Less dirt, made the beard look intentional, added some color to the skin, and made the nose injury look fresh; or 
CleanedUpKurt - Baby Face Edition - No dirt, no beard, no nonsense.

Character edits are always highly subjective, I get it, so if this doesn't fit your image of Kurt that's totally cool. Just chuckin' another option out there, ya dig?

All texture sizes have been included so the changes will work at all graphics quality settings.

1. Extract the CleanedUpKurt or BabyfaceKurt folder from the archive
2. Place it in your datalocal folder, typically located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GreedFall\datalocal
3. Agonize over which armor would look best on him for an unreasonable amount of time

Delete CleanedUpKurt/BabyfaceKurt folder from datalocal

Original recipe is incompatible with anything that modifies the diffuse or normal maps in hea_hum_kurt_01.pgz or the opacity map in ebr_hum_com_01.pgz.
Baby face edition is incompatible with anything that modifies the diffuse or normal maps in hea_hum_kurt_01.pgz or the opacity maps in ebr_hum_com_01.pgz and bea_hum_pnj_02.pgz.
My Roughed Up Vasco mod includes the softened brow from this one

HUGE SHOUTOUT and THANK YOU to Dheuster for taking the time to figure out how to pull apart asset packages and, more crucially, taking the time to document and share the information. You got me started with texture editing in the first place.

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