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Bosses rebalanced like they seems to be originally made for !
They are retailed to make you use your brain when faces them ;)

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Bosses are now true bosses!!

Difficulty is rebalanced to match levels, some values have been taken in m0rdenkainen :
for expertise level of ennemies

Higher difficulty level means a liitle less HP for mobs but higher damages + no more ennemy waiting queue

Bosses have been made to be a little more archetypals, some have high HP or high damages, or high armor, etc... and give a little more XP
They are harder, so don't forget to use items and companions ;)

Some skills are modified to be less cheaty : Siora's aid magic is a little less effective and stasis cost just a little more and make just a little more time to be cast.

This way, the game feels better, like you had done something worthy when fighting a plot boss! Not just taking out an annoying fly of the lazy people of this island...

If you r interested for a modpack including this, here: