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Adds icons before each relevant choice during dialogue, so you know which answer to pick if you want to romance a companion.

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In Greedfall, you can easily lock you out of a romance path just by selecting a wrong dialogue option at key moments. The correct choices aren't always evident, and there's nothing to point out that you pick the wrong answer. This very simple mod aims to solve this problem by indicating the correct answer to pick when relevant.

During various dialog topics, most of them unlocked immediately after the completion of a companion quest, you will have to choose between different answers. Choosing all the answers starting with the heart icon should successfully unlock the romance.

Concerning the final choices:

Here is a step-by-step guide of all romance dialogue topics if you want to review all the choices and the points awarded by each answer.

Install with Vortex or by manually dropping the files in your datalocal folder. This folder should be at the root of your game installation path, in the same folder that the game exe. If the folder didn't exist, you can create it.

You can choose the All-in-One version which contains all 4 files, or the individual files for each companion. All individual files are compatible with each other. The All-in-One version cames with a FOMOD installer, so Vortex users can choose the files they want to install.

To uninstall manually, delete the Romance hints folder(s) in your datalocal folder.
The mod should be safe to install and uninstall at any moment.

The mod is not compatible with any other mod that alters the files aphra_romance.sdg, kurt_romance.sdg, siora_romance.sdg and vasco_romance.sdg.
Romance Hints should be compatible with Romance Enhancer by Dheuster as both mods edit different game files. However, the optional file of Romance Enhancer is
NOT compatible with Romance Hints.

It should be compatible with all localized versions of the game. If you encounter any issue in a localized game, please report it so I can fix it.

I haven't thoroughly tested the mod, as I didn't have access to all needed save files. If you encounter any bug or issue, please let me know. I'll do my best to fix it as soon as possible.

Note regarding Kurt: I had to do slight changes to his file for it to work correctly (the lines weren't displayed otherwise). I didn't notice any problem after testing, but if you encounter any issue, please let me know.