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All-in-one inventory sharing and tweaks. Hide invalid options when using a vendor or choosing a resource? Check. Hide those semi-useless widgets from the inventory list? Check. Sell to vendors from any box? Check. See what zone a box is in and how much storage is left? Check And more...

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Continued development, testing, & managing user reports all take time, and any support is greatly appreciated! If you can't donate and enjoy the mod, please consider endorsing the mod (thumbs up 'Endorse' button up the top)!


Please log any issues at Issues · p1xel8ted/GYK-Mods-QMod ( or visit the Discord below (preferably Discord).


Important - Do not mix with other inventory/storage mods.

  • All inventories are shared between all crafting stations.
  • Increases stack to size to a maximum of 999. Configurable.
  • Add more space to inventories. Default is an extra 20 slots. Don't add too much if you value performance.
  • Hide invalid selections from the resource picker when crafting or when selling to a vendor.
  • If a particular inventory has no valid options, it won't be shown if the above is enabled.
  • Hide empty inventory rows. Big performance boost.
  • Disable greying out of items that aren't in your main inventory when selling to a vendor.
  • Toggle certain widgets from appearing in the inventory list. i.e. Refugee camp happiness or stockpiles.
  • Remove the black separator between inventories for a more compact list.
  • Can include/exclude the refugee inventories if you won't want them taking your stuff and vice versa.
  • Allows hand tools to be stacked.*
  • Allows grave items to be stacked.*
  • Allows chisels to be stacked.*
  • Allows ink pots to be stacked.*

* These items come with caveats when stacked. Whole items will be consumed instead of having their durability lowered when used in crafting (chisels, pots). And item durability will be moot if a damaged item is placed in the inventory with a 100% item.

I advise early game when funds/materials are low - don't stack them. When money/materials aren't an issue, turn it on. Ultimately up to you, though. I don't want to see bug reports about this.


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