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This mod replaces a lot of old world textures to fully new 4K, and 2k ones.

Permissions and credits
I made a new simple discord server for this mod / future mods.
If you want to see what progress is being made, ask questions, need help or want to request specific texture change this is the place to go!
Also you can use this for general modding help :-)


0.4 WIP release (7.12) currently has 365 textures (screenshots updated for 0.4)
  • More sidewalks, pavements and tiles all around the map
  • Reworked gravel textures + train tracks gravel
  • Replacements for more large area low res dirt, asphalt and concrete textures seen all around the map
  • New palm tree bark and mulch textures
  • New police station bricks
  • Traffic light poles retextured
  • Few new large area rocks/cliffs textures seen all around the map
  • LS back alley muddy concrete retextured

0.3 WIP release (2.12) small patch to fix roads, can finally focus more on other stuff
  • Oversized/scaled roads completely reworked, they are now looking like they should (screenshots updated)
  • Added few missing road textures
  • New tiled crosswalks

0.25 WIP release (28.11)
  • Made every dark road more lighter and added some much needed wear, as it was requested a lot. Roads are still darker than original though.
  • Added missing road texture to LV area, screenshots updated 
  • New sand and sand/dirt roads to LV.

0.2 WIP release (27.11)

  • Road textures to SF freeway and LV area, every main road should now be done, expect some roadside blends
  • New pavements for LV city area
  • Replacement for super lowres concrete texture seen all around the map
  • Few random textures

0.1 WIP release: there is 85 completely new textures + (new normalmaps&roughnessmaps).
  • New main roads, LV and some highway parts are not updated yet.
  • New pavements & tiling around SF and LS. Still alot more to do.
  • Few new sand, dirt, mud, concrete, rock etc. textures.

Project: Texture Overhaul is a mod aiming to improve some of GTA SA world textures.
This mod will not aim to change every single texture in the game, but improve the ones that might get your attention while gaming.
New textures are going to be "cleaner" than the original ones, so if you prefer original more gritty look this mod isn't for you.

Current version is WORK IN PROGRESS.
So there will probably be some issues.
Most of the textures are 4K, some which doesn't benefit from that are 2K.

There is a lot more work to do with new textures, and even improving the ones I already made.
Please let me know if you find any issues.

Any comment, help, critic or request is more than welcome!

Copy all .pak files from the archive to GTASA\Gameface\Content\Paks\~mods folder. If have not made a ”~mods” folder create one.
Uninstall by deleting the Overhaul_ pak files from your mods folder.

If you appreciate my mods and want to show some support you can buy me a coffee!