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A reshade that aims to bring a warm West Coast vibe to San Andreas Definitive Edition and an attempt to somewhat reproduce the PS2 atmosphere (As much as we can without SkyGFX).

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Hi guys,

After looking at the various Reshades surrounding SA:DE, I felt like a lot of them did too much or too little to achieve that warm San Andreas atmosphere. Here is my attempt that I am fairly happy with. If only we had a mod like SkyGFX to pretty much inject the PS2 graphics config.

1. Install Reshade 4.9.1 (or newest) here.
2. Click browse in the Reshade window and find your SanAndreas.exe in the install directory (Should be Gameface/Binaries/Win64> Select the D3D12 API and all effect packages apart from legacy at the bottom (Double click tickbox for faster installing of packages). - Reshade is now installed for San Andreas.
2a. Insert WestCoastSAPreset.ini into the SanAndreas.exe directory.
3. Run SA:DE and press the default key to open Reshade (Home) - This will be the same key as the R* Social Club menu so I recommend changing it to your liking in the settings tab of Reshade once open (I use Insert for Reshade menu and Delete for effect toggle).
4. Click the drop down at the top of the effects page of Reshade and select the WestCoast preset, it should now enable.
5. Enjoy

- I recommend keeping the Brightness and Contrast settings in the in-game menu to about halfway (May depend on your monitor settings).
- In the Graphics settings of SA:DE I have pretty much all ultra, view distance Far, AA set to TAA+ (Reshade also gives extra AA), car reflections set to Screen (best looking), clouds set to Volumetric Max and shadows on High.

Visual mods I'm using in screenshots
- Fog Distance Fix v1.2 on MixMods (Default option)
- Rain Fix v1.2 on MixMods
- Better LOD config on Nexus
- High quality blood texture on
- Weapons and Sounds on Nexus (No icons)
- [SA:DE] Classic Water on MixMods
- CJ Face Retexture 4K on Nexus 
- Improved Binco Textures on Nexus