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GBVS Guilty Gear Color Pack by SegGel2009

To install, drop the folder in: Granblue Fantasy Versus\RED\Content\Paks\~MODS
You will need to manually create the ~MODS folder if there isn't already one.

Replaces each character's Color 4 with a color based on a character from the Guilty Gear series.

Gran - Sol Badguy
Katalina - Ky Kiske
Charlotta - May
Lancelot - Chipp Zanuff
Percival - Order-Sol
Ferry - Zappa
Lowain - Faust
Ladiva - Kum Haehyun
Metera - I-No
Zeta - Sin Kiske
Vaseraga - Potemkin
Beelzebub - Ramlethal
Narmaya - Baiken
Soriz - Slayer
Djeeta - Elphelt
Zooey - Dizzy