Gothic 3
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This mods makes the trades which normally have stone tablets for sale have a static inventory.

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In Gothic 3, the items available for trade at an NPC was determined in a random manner by picking items from a predefined list. This mod changes that behavior for certain NPCs and now they will have a static trade inventory (all the items that were in the predefined list).

  • all traders who are normally selling stone tablets now have a static inventory (14 traders and 28 stone tablets)
  • there are 4 merchants with a static inventory for alchemy recipes and forging recipes (1 in Nordmar, 2 in Myrtana, 1 in Varant)
  • all recipes for alchemy and forging which are normally available via trade can be bought at the 4 traders with static inventories

This mod was developed for Gothic 3 with Community Patch 1.75.14 and Update Pack 1.04.11 and will take effect in games with or without Alternative Balancing.

In order to install the mod, copy the 2 files in your Gothic 3/Data folder. If you already have a Template.p01 and Template.c01 file in your Data folder, simply rename the files from this mod by increasing the number from the extension (.p01 and .c01) as needed in order to avoid a conflict.