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About this mod

A small mod for Gothic with the aim to increase difficulty without affecting the atmosphere of the game.

Permissions and credits
* Fixed the game crash when loading a save (tested on a Steam installation patched with systempack 1.8)

The game is now more unforgiving and specialization is recommended.

A highlight of the major changes:
  •  The cost of raising an attribute will be higher as the attribute increases
  •  Taking the wares of defeated traders is no longer possible
  •  Costs and damage for spells are re-scaled
  •  Weapons damage and conditions are re-scaled
  •  Strength is needed to equip crossbows
  •  Rings and amulets bonuses are reduced
  •  Armors resistance to arrow damage is increased
  •  Bow damage increased to make it a viable end game path
  •  Pick-pocketing certain characters will now give increasing XP

Highly recommended to install Gothic 1/2 SystemPack

How to install:
  1. download and extract the mod file
  2. put the Gothic_1_Enhanced.vdf file in your Gothic installation  Data folder (where the other *.vdf files are)

How to install:
  1. delete the Gothic_1_Enhanced.vdf file from the Gothic Data folder

Please post feedback and report the bugs and inconsistencies that you find.