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Bannerlord Modding Kit Released

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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord's modding tools are now available! TaleWorlds have released the first beta version of their SDK including some very powerful tools to create even better mods.

When Mount & Blade II first dropped we were super excited at all the new modding possibilities that came with this new and improved engine and we know you were too. Looking at the Bannerlord Nexus with its 1,800+ mods, you'd think the modding tools had been out for a while, however, most of those mods have been created without any official tools at all. It's a great example of the enthusiasm our community has for the Mount & Blade franchise.

Bannerlord is perhaps the fastest-growing game we've ever seen on Nexus Mods, gaining 8 million downloads (that's six zeros!) in a single month and cementing it on our homepage in the top 15 most popular games of all time. 

For now, you can only pick up the modding kit with the Steam release of the game (sorry Epic players). If you're having trouble finding it, follow these simple steps:

  • First, make sure you have the latest build of Bannerlord installed (the tools don't work without it).
  • Next, head to the "Library" tab in your Steam client and in the left menu under "Home" make sure "Tools" is checked in the dropdown menu.
  • Then, use the search to find the entry called "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Modding Kit" and install it as you would any other game. The download is just over 20GB (at time of writing). 
  • After it's installed, launch the modding tools. This will open up the Bannerlord Launcher as if you were starting the game, press play and wait for the main menu to load. 
  • Finally, hit left Ctrl + E to open the Modding Kit. 

According to the official announcement, the kit contains the following:
Scene Editor Toolset
  • Entity Placement Tools
  • Terrain Import, Export, and Editing Tools
  • Navigation Mesh Tools
  • GI Baking Tools
  • Level System Editing Tool
  • Path Editing Tools

Resource Editors
  • Resource Browser
  • Material Editor
  • Mesh Editor
  • Texture Editor
  • Body Editor
  • Cloth Editor
  • Atmosphere Editor
  • Skeleton Editor
  • Particle Editor
  • Model & Animation Viewer

So as you can see, TaleWorlds have pulled out all the stops to give us some really powerful tools to help create new maps/levels, items, objects and more. We're super excited to see all the new mods that you guys come up with!

If you're new to modding Bannerlord, you can read the full documentation to get up to speed or watch the Developer Workshop live stream below where the TaleWorlds team show off what the Modding Kit can do. 

Happy modding!


  1. huguera1337
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    How to download without steam? 
    1. KnightShadePrime
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      1) Download and install Tampermonkey browser extension (any chromium browser should work).

      2) Go to https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/410175-official-steam-workshop-downloader-io and install "[OFFICIAL] Steam Workshop Downloader :: IO" into tampermonkey.

      3) Open up any workshop item in your browser and there now should be a download button.

      4) Enjoy!
  2. Action993
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    So I have the tools I have searched to document BUT  I still cant open up any Mod folder besides Native.  None of my mod folders show up and I see no way to search for them or even select them.  Are there two sets of tools one for map editing and one for Modding?

    please help I am two days from deleting this game for good !
  3. Mikegrie
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    when will there be a roman mod?
    1. Butterlord737
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      there is currently a decent roman mod called eagle rising
  4. HazzotiJu2002
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    How to Download This Tool?!
    I have this game only Pirated Version... 
    Banned - TVD.
  5. ibdriven
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    Whoever is making a LOTR full conversion mod, let me know. I'll donate to the cause!
    1. gandalf92
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      look up "Kingdoms of Arda" ;) 
  6. Laslus
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    Can't wait to take a stroll around Minas Tirith!
    1. bryankiok
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  7. rusiano1
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    Witcher 3 should have something like that... :<
    1. Pickysaurus
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      Have you seen this article which talks about the modding tools in Witcher 3?
    2. rusiano1
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      Sure, I even replied and gave suggestion about next W3's modders interviews :D
    3. Azhkael
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      Indeed they should.
  8. WAHID87
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  9. Azhkael
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  10. iCESPiCES
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