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Quickstart Save File

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Quickstart Save File for those, who want to skip the initial cutscene involving Kratos chopping down the tree and bringing it back to the Hut.
It starts right after the cutscene and you'll have to follow Atreus to hunt down the deer.

*Now with 2 additional saves. One including a changeable difficulty and the second a file right after finding Mimir

It's on GMGOW difficulty (Give me God of War) and *NOT MODDED*
It's also not New Game+, so the enemies should be around level 2-3 in the starting area.

  • Didn't use any mods or editors for this save
  • Made to save people a minute or two by skipping the cutscenes and getting right into gameplay
  • Still possible for you to get the Axe and *Other* Upgrade achievements (Not entirely sure if NG+ would give you the achievement, since you already have the Axe fully leveled up.)

UPDATE 1: Added a Give Me a Challenge save file, so you can change the difficulty mid-game. 

UPDATE 2: Added another save, right after cutting off Mimir's head. I've also collected most of the available collectibles.