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This mod turns your regular Leviathan Axe into Himmelklyvning, the very rare Golden Ivory Axe. Shine bright. Make your enemies jealous and yourself happy.

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Make your enemies jealous ...and yourself happy.
This mod turns your simple Leviathan Axe into Himmelklyvning
- the very rare Golden Ivory Axe. 

The Golden Ivory Axe consists of various rare parts:


Midgard houses a big variety of animals, some of them more common, the others very rare. But none are as rare as the loxodonta midgarda, the midgardian elephant. This rare beauty habitats forests that are close to big bodies of water, e.g. lakes. It is thanks to the unique flora and fauna of Midgard that enables the loxodonta midgarda to grow particularly strong bones.


Týr's temple is very impressive for many reasons, but it is mostly known for its special statue of Týr. This depiction of Týr is special for its golden hand - it is the same gold as Týr's knife that killed the wolf who bit off his hand.

The Myth behind Himmelklyvning

When the brothers Sindri and Brok forged Mjölnir, they couldn't have foreseen the destruction it would bring once the hammer got into Thor's possession. To oppose Mjölnir's power and restore balance to the world, they forged the Leviathan, giving their wielder a fighting chance. The Huldra brothers gifted the Leviathan to Laufey, a giantess warrior. Laufey the Just, as she was known amongst many, thwarted the Æsir gods' plans again and again, which angered them. Sindri and Brok were summoned to Týr's temple and had no choice but to forge a weapon even greater than the Leviathan: The Golden Ivory Axe.The Æsir gods' provided them with only the finest and best materials: The loxodonta midgarda's femur and Týr's golden hand. Neither Mjölnir nor Leviathan are capable to break The Golden Ivory Axe's hilt, thanks to loxodonta midgarda and their very picky eating habits.