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Make X cards available as far as possible (not all X cards are in the game yet), optimize starting gear.

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Gains access to Skewer and Wall of Doom

Gains access to Aid from the Aether, Hardened Spikes and Crackling Air
Minor power potion and cloak of invisibility swapped for eagle-eye goggles

Gains access to Forceful Storm
Warhammer swapped for boots of striding and minor power potion

No changes. Unfortunately, none of the X cards have been made yet.

First enable modding by going to the "betas" tab on steam, then type in the code "tinkerertime" as beta access key and then "check code". You know have access to the modding tools branch. Select it and update.
Go in game and create a mod with whatever name you want, then go to AppData\LocalLow\FlamingFowlStudios\Gloomhaven\GloomMods\your mod name here\RoguelikeMode and overwrite the Parties folder with the one in the mod
In game, click modding again and select your mod name in the drop down next to the "load mod" button, then click "load mod".
Everything is now set up, but your save will still contain the old parties already started - go to adventure, select the party you want to play and then click "reset party" to get access to the cards.