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Larger FOV for Ghostwire: Tokyo(Tested on Steam 1.002).A wider FOV was obtained by changing the FOV scaling.

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This mod provides a Wider FOV (Field of view) by changing the FOV scaling.

If you want to use slightly wide or slightly wide+, Download the FOV 95 to 100
If you want to use Wide、Super Wide or Ultra Wide Download the  FOV 110 to 140

FOV value(approximate):
OG(90)<slightly wide(95)<slightly wide+(100)<wide(110)<Super Wide(120)<Ultra Wide(140)

How To Use:
0. Make sure the game is closed
1. Right-click Ghostwire Tokyo on your Steam library, Select Properties
2. In the properties window, go to the Local Files tab and click Browse. File Explorer will open to the location where the game's local files are stored.
3. Go to (Ghostwire Tokyo)\Snowfall\Binaries\Win64 (important: DO NOT replace the GWT.exe in the Ghostwire Tokyo directory)
4. Replace GWT.exe under \Snowfall\Binaries\Win64 with the exe provided in the mod (Be sure to back up the original exe before replacing)
5. Run the game, It should work.

Q: Can I set the FOV value specifically?
A: No, this mod currently only provides FIVE three preset wider FOVs. If you are familiar with Unreal Engine's FOV hex values ​​or have a better way to implement FOV changes, please DM me.
Q: The mod doesn't work!
A: Most likely you are not doing this correctly. Again, it's the exe in (Ghostwire Tokyo)\Snowfall\Binaries\Win64, not the exe in the Ghostwire Tokyo directory. Please try again from the first step of "How to use". If it still doesn't work, please post feedback.

This mod is provided "as is" by yt17 and ChiweiUesr. Special thanks: atom0s.