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This mod aims to offer players a more intense and hardcore experience based on realism.

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This mod is provided as-is and whilst it has been tested and safe, the author accepts no responsibility for issues arising from it's use.


The purpose of this mod is to introduce a few small changes to make the game more challenging, realistic and intense.

This mod is intended to satisfy those of us in the community who want more realistic, challenging and ultimately rewarding gameplay whilst still being fair and fun. I have uploaded this in order to give players the option to experience the game in this way. It will not be for everyone, nor is it intended to be.

Note this is not a cheat, in fact it is the opposite - it makes the game harder/more challenging in a balanced way.

The biggest change is with enemy audio and visual detection. They are now much more responsive and perceptive. The player actively has to consider all their tactical options and making use of their full arsenal of tools and equipment in order to be effective. Using suppressed weapons will alert enemies at around 80% of the distance as the base unsuppressed weapons. Subsonic weapons including handguns, shotguns and SMGs will produce suppressed sound much closer to base to reflect the more efficient suppression available.

You won't alert entire bases if you're within these distances. Between 25% and 100% of the distance a yellow alert is triggered and usually only a couple of enemies will investigate the source of the noise. Repeated noises will raise alert levels to a general yellow and then amber alert. Within 25% of the distance an amber alert is generated and reinforcements will start to be called in.

Due to the enhancements to enemy perception, the game is extremely difficult now on extreme. Combined with no hud this is about as hardcore an experience as the game can offer. From testing, I've found that Advanced difficulty offers a good balance of enemy accuracy and lethality.

You can no longer just run up to enemy camps and pick them off during daytime - they will spot you and hear you, even with suppressed weapons, however they will alert gradually as the player causes disturbance dependent on distance and visibility, so there is margin for error. Night ops are now very much a tactical option to avoid the punishing detection ranges of daytime. Combine with suppressed weapons using subsonic ammo such as handguns, SMGs and shotguns to make stealth manageable. Recon using the drone and planning approaches is strongly advised to identify threat types. Generating alerts and causing chaos will draw enemies from a much wider radius, particularly when going loud. This acts almost like a heat mechanic where enemies will generally be attracted to the noise and disturbances being created.

Additionally, the extended detection distances and times now make optical camo actually useful and functional when undertaking daytime operations.

Open combat and warfare is now much more commonplace, and to support this the time to kill for enemies is now realistic. Unarmoured basic enemies will take very few shots to kill, armoured enemies will take a few more but no more mag dumping into bullet sponges. This damage increase to enemies applies to drones as well making them less spongey. Additionally, to expand on this latter point, explosives are now deal much more damage. This works both ways, grenades etc. will be lethal to the player as well.

Ammo is now much more of a limiting factor. The player can no longer haul around buckets of ammo, the base limit is approximately 4 mags. Players will definitely run out of ammo in extended engagements and need to scavenge ammo and weapons from foes to continue. There is more reliance on sidearms as a backup when ammo runs out on primaries. Attention should be paid to ammo types and amounts held for weapons picked up. Players will not hold ammo for different weapon types by default. Ammo management is now important.

Additionally ammo is no longer restocked on death. This makes death meaningful as dying just leads to wasted resources.

Stamina max has been reduced slightly and min stamina is considerably reduced to make exhaustion a real possibility.

Healing and recovery is still possible but takes slightly longer. This was to balance out the need to use syringes which tended to be either all or nothing. The sweet spot aimed for is that you'll need to use them when health is critically low in combat situations, but for minor damage with respite the player will recover. Note that recovery rates are also tied to enemy difficulty for some reason so recovery on extreme will be much slower than easy.

The end result of all this is a much more lively and responsive game. Ultimately I'd like to see these changes implemented in game by way of menu options. More granular difficulty and options for players to configure their experience is something we've been requesting for some time. Hopefully if this mod gains traction we can see these features added.

Detailed changes:

Player visual detection distance considerably increased (enemies will spot players from realistic distances in daytime, night time is closer to base distance). By default enemies detect players visually at a range of about 60m day or night (snipers can see further). Now daylight detection is extended by a factor of 3x to around 180m (snipers up to 300m). Night time detection reduced visibility by around 70% offering a significant advantage to operating at night, closer to base detection distances.

Player visual detection time considerably increased (enemies will detect players much quicker when within visual range). By default enemies will respond to your detection within about 1-2 seconds on extreme, and each lower difficulty reduces this by about 1 second. Now, enemy response time has been increased by a factor of 3x to respond in about 1 second or less on higher difficulty settings. This de-couples enemy reaction time from the enemy difficulty setting, allowing for lower lethality and increased detection time.

Player weapon damage increased (to improve enemy time to kill and remove bullet sponges. Now TTK is realistic). By default suppressors reduce damage and an alert Sentinel and Wolf are a 5 and 7 shot kill respectively with a suppressed AR. Now, player damage has been doubled to more realistically represent the impact of being shot multiple times (especially without a plate carrier) and to further remove the suppressor damage nerf. Alert Sentinel and Wolves now go down in 3 or 5 shots respectively which more closely aligns with the player’s health on higher difficulties. This also improves the impact of anti-material rifles when used against hard targets.

Player weapon sound detection range considerably increased (suppressed and unsuppressed fire now alerts enemies from a much greater distance). By default, suppressed gunfire is not detected beyond about 15-20m. This is completely unrealistic Hollywood level suppression. High-velocity supersonic rounds (5.56, 7.62, .338) will create an unsuppressed noise signature of around 150-160dB and suppressors will reduce this to a still extremely loud 120-130db. Subsonic rounds as fired by SMG/HDG/STG are maintained at lower distances as suppression can be much more effective.

Explosive damage increased (now effective against all land drones, including behemoths, making them less bullet spongy). The main purpose of this is to make Behemoth and land drones take realistic damage from explosives. Also affects the player; explosives will now pretty much take out the player in a single shot.

Indoor movement speed is now same as outdoors, removing the slowdown when indoors. This simply shouldn't be a thing, so has been removed allowing for much more effective mobility indoors.

Ammo max considerably reduced. (Base ammo capacity now set to around 4 mags without buffs, making ammo a factor to consider.) By default, players can carry over 400 rounds (or 10Kgs) of each ammunition type which is unrealistic. A common infantry or special forces load out is typically 6 magazines. This mod is set to limit spare ammo capacity to 4 mags base, which becomes 5 mags when the maximum ammo perk is obtained, plus one in the gun for a total of 6 magazines.

Ammo restock on death or spawn removed. (Players will respawn with the ammo they had when killed.) When players run out, they run out. Consider switching to different weapons or scavenging ammo. The game will usually only drop or refill ammo for the weapons equipped, so remember to switch weapons to the ones you want to pick up ammo for.

Health regen speed reduced. (Note this is also affected by enemy difficulty level.) Aim is to strike a balance between the need to use syringes and the possibility of recovery.

Max stamina and min stamina reduced (Max is slightly lower than extreme, min is now 10% of max instead of 75%) This attempts to make fatigue an actual thing, the player can now actually get completely exhausted by continuing to run out of stamina.

Variables now display automatically once the mod is active

Ammo caps for .45 and 7.62 increased to 120 by default. Both these calibres are used by higher capacity weapons and so this balances the default ammo pool for these.

New modifier for tweaking weapon range/muzzle velocity. This is very sensitive, values between 1 and 1.2 are probably the range I'd recommend. Compounds with Ballistic Advantage. Note that if the player is over a certain distance away from targets then they simply won't know where the shot came from and instead of pursuing the player, will hunker down in place. Interestingly this rarely happened in the base game but I find it more realistic behaviour than constantly chasing down the player.

New modifier for tweaking enemy max engagement/attack distance - This affects the distance from which enemies can open fire. It doesn't impact AI, so there's still occasions where breachers will run half a mile to reach the player.

New modifiers for tweaking vehicle visibility - The two values separate between differences when an alert is raised. In the base game when the enemy hears the player they go on alert and would immediately get a 1.25x uplift in visibility which mitigates the individual visibility of the player inside vehicles. Given that enemies are suspicious at player engine noises (haven't found this yet), the stealth aspect of vehicles wasn't really working. This fixes that and allows the player to choose how perceptive enemies are to the player inside a vehicle. Note all vehicles have different bonuses here, with bikes offering none and heavy apc's offering the most (with a trade-off in speed and engine noise). Finally, note that the detection speed multiplier heavily impacts how quickly the player is spotted inside a vehicle.


  1. A separate guide is included for how to run the cheat tables in cheat engine.
  2. The game will only drop ammo for equipped weapons, be mindful that when equipping a different weapon you might have no ammo for it so check your inventory for ammo and/or refill at a bivouac.
  3. This has not been tested in co-op, so behaviour is undefined until someone tries it out.
  4. Disabling BattlEye is required in order to run the mod due to the restrictions it puts in place to prevent cheating. This mod is absolutely not for PvP in any way, shape or form.
  5. The mod WILL break when the game is updated, a new version will be distributed when this happens.

Known Issues:

  1. Sometimes the game will drop ammo for weapons which aren't equipped. It seems this sometimes happens in the base game as well.

How to install:

  1. Install cheat engine, download from here :
  2. Make an exception if antivirus complains, it's completely safe
  3. Copy zipped files to your game folder
  4. Go to the BattlEye folder and run Uninstall_BattlEye.bat
  5. Edit BELauncher.ini and set SilentInstall=0
  6. In the Ubi Connect Launcher add these arguments under Parameters > Game Launch Arguments : /belaunch -be
  7. Launch the game from Ubi Connect
  8. Click cancel when the BattlEye installer pops up. Optionally tick the box to not be reminded again.

How to run:

  1. Launch the game from Ubi Connect
  2. Let the game boot up to the main menu
  3. Alt+Tab to flip to the desktop
  4. Double click the cheat table for DX12 or VULKAN as appropriate
  5. Hook the game process using the 'Select a process to open' button and selecting GRB.exe for DX12 or GRB_vulkan.exe for Vulkan
  6. Click the box next to Enable Spartan Mod (a red x should appear if all is working)
  7. Alt+Tab back to the game
  8. There's a doc file with images included in the mod that walks through this

You're good to go!