Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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John US Marine Locke Carter

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Adds a customizable version of Twitch's vest, and optionally replaces its GIGN patches with SWAT counterparts.

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Replaces the Dual Harness Vest with the vest from Twitch's costume, and includes textures so it looks like a SWAT vest.

There's going to be a lot of clipping with backpack straps, and shirts that aren't tucked down. Clipping might be worse with male characters, since the mesh was made for a female character.
The top's camo affects the patches for some reason. No camo or bright colors are fine, but darker colors make the patches darker. I tried to mitigate the issue but I don't know how to fix it.

To install the file in the Vest folder:
- Use AnvilToolKit to extract DataPC_patch_01.forge in your game's folder;
- Inside the DataPC_patch_01.forge folder, extract the file;
- Drop the file on the extracted folder;
- Repack the folder, and then the DataPC_patch_01.forge folder.

To install the files in the Textures folder:
- Use AnvilToolKit to extract DataPC_Resources_patch_01.forge in your game's folder;
- Drop the files on the extracted DataPC_Resources_patch_01.forge folder;
- Repack the folder.