Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

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About this mod

Ghostbuster Deluxe is a modification aim's to impove the player's experience in the world of Ghostbusters

Permissions and credits
"I showed GB Deluxe to some of the old TRI programmers (Mark Randell and others) and he thinks you're doing a better job with it than the HD remaster."
-skankerzero (Old Terminal Reality Developer)

This version(WIP) is released beucase all of my mods combine have surpassed 800 downloads!

  • GB 2 patch/logo fix for the unlockable jumpsuit
  • The rescue mini game has been reworked (Only for the 1st mission)
  • Some Main Menu text have been changed
  • Corrected Ilyssa model before Return to Hotel Sedgewick
  • Gargoyles spawn at the final boss fight to be harder
  • Licensed Content - Censor Removal and Blue Tint Removal merged
  • Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis memorial has been added/edited
  • Stone Angels have been nerfed
  • Some cutscenes have been sound reworked
  • The intro now has sound
  • NPC's spawn in some missions like the beta builds
  • Some Ghost descriptions have been corrected
  • Beta script for "Time Square" third part
  • Ecto-1 spawns at the start of the Museum level like the stylized
  • 120fps Patch included (Optional)
  • Elevator music has been added in the "Hotel Sedgwick"
  • Cut content added to "Return to Hotel Sedgwick"
  • Rain added on all Cemetery level
  • New Firehouse Theme
  • Re-Textured Hotel
  • New Fight Loop Song
  • UI Textures Upscaled
  • General Textures Upscaled
  • Portal's Audio Changed

And many more things i haven't listed

Special thanks to R.J Preast for reworking the sound and editing for the cutscenes

Thanks to caleb guy for creating the trailer

Also i want to thank Dermenos for sending me the intro with sound and doing the main menu firehouse

Thanks also to Schleebo for correcting some of the ghost descriptions

And also all of the people helped with their ideas

MG Rarez
Fear Crow

Special Thanks:

If you have any idea and you thing is doable or you want to report a bug join my discord server


I don't own any music displayed on the mod all rights reserved to the label/creators