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My Generation Zero Non-Combat Helper Mods are designed primarily to reduce artificial difficulties imposed by the game or the results of erroneous calculations.

I must admit that some aspects of non-combat modifications could also be utilized as combat helpers, to some extent, but not to the point of breaking the fun and  challenges offered in the game. I try to stick by this rule even with external mods by other authors I include on my page.   

Is there a need for mods? Yes.


Every game is rolled out on the basis of some researches or assumptions that so and so features and difficulty levels are saleable and will satisfy the market's needs for challenges, fun and curiosity, among others.


Games have difficulty levels aimed at the expected skill levels of players.


But no matter what features and difficulty levels are programmed into or onto a game, it will never fully fit all players' expectations and skill levels, even with the use of mods.


However, mods give players options to adjust game features and difficulty levels to suit their skills and  be able to derive more challenge or fun,or both, from games.

Mods are created as a criticism against and/or to highlight game developers' insensitivity to players' needs for in-game options to adjust the game according to their play style.


Modders play the game and not let the game play them.


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