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Allows reducing or completely hiding the HUD, as well as adjusting transparency

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This is a quick 3DMigoto-based mod to change the HUD transparency and reduce or hide the items on the HUD.

Controls (Gamepad):
Right-Stick Click + Right Bumper: Switch through transparency presets
Right-Stick Click + Left Bumper: Switch through HUD modes:
  - Full HUD
  - Reduced HUD (only shows icons such as POIs, waypoints and interactable objects... and unfortunately the arrows in the center of the compass)
  - No HUD
 Right-Stick Click + Left-Stick Click: Toggle showing full HUD  (useful for quick-swapping between full HUD and whichever HUD mode you have chosen)

Keyboard - I didn't make any keyboard controls. Just look at d3dx.ini at around line 173 and you'll be able to figure out how to bind something.

If you don't like your flashlight turning on and off when you click the right stick, the 'dropzone' portion of the Hud Switch Gen Zero mod changes flashlight to require you to hold in the stick.

Just extract the zip into the folder containing GenerationZero_F.exe. For example, C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GenerationZero