Generation Zero

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No dirt lens and dirt lens for mask ,
No more Blur\Bokeh Depth of Field Effect
No film grain ,
No Lens flare ,
New main menu ,
New healthbar ,
Refined map icons ,
Refined HUD ,
New loot screen ,

Permissions and credits
No dirt lens and dirt lens for mask 
No more Blur\Bokeh Depth of Field Effect 
Removed DOF from visions mode
No film grain 
No Lens flare  
New main menu  
New healthbar 
Refined map icons 
Map Color Increase  
Refined HUD 
New loot screen  
Profile screen 
Settings menu  
Realistic flashlight  
Inventory & Loot items icon quality increase
Static Croshair
No Breathing_Heartbeat sound
NO Fall Damage
Refined Stamina Bar
Better HUD enemy info
Subtle graphical improvement
Better Distance Visual
Light increase in menu
New Paitings and Posters
Boombox with blue light , music last long and will not despawn.
Radio with green light , music last long and will not despawn.
Flare distraction will not despawn.
Plundra Box Retextured
Safehouse Storage Capacity 1000
Resource Storage Capacity 1000
You can carry 1000 weight over the standart you have , before penalty kick in.New Photo Menu Style

Instruction :

Add the following startup parameter ( copy all white text ) :

 --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive archives_win64/initial --vfs-archive archives_win64/supplemental --vfs-archive archives_win64/optional

For Steam, right click Generation Zero in your Library and select properties.
Click on "Set launch options..." and paste the parameter above into the box and hit OK.

Extract the mod archive in root folder of Generation Zero.
Default path should be something like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GenerationZero

Generation Zero Refine v39 :

1. Subtle refine to graphics.
2. Fix menu3. New Hud Style
4. Safehouse Storage Capacity 1000
5. Resource Storage Capacity 1000
6. You can carry 1000 weight over the standart  you have , before penalty kick in.
7. New Photo Menu Style
8. Deleted The Loot Respawn

For best Visual i recomand turned off the SSAO ingame settings . For invidia at Control Panel this settings :

Optional : New Map Style :
New Map Style with more detail, like tree.

You do not like something from this Mod ? 
Here is a list of specific changed files that help you to delete what you don't like :

1. Main Menu Image : dropzone\ui\ delete main_menu_i58.ddsc (you can make a custom image (1980x1080).dds  and just save as .ddsc)
2. Main Menu Text : dropzone\ui delete main_menu.gfx
3. Map icons & pickup items icon:
dropzone/ui/ delete shared_lib.gfx
4. Ammo boxes : dropzone\textures\ui\items\ delete ammo folder
5. New Hud : dropzone\ui delete hud.gfx
6. Loot Screen : dropzone\ui\ delete loot_screen.gfx
7. Inventory Screen : dropzone\ui\ delete inventory_screen.gfx
8. In game Menu : dropzone\ui delete in_game_menu.gfx
9. Map info text : dropzone\ui\ delete map.gfx
10. In Game Menu Background : dropzone\ui\ delete in_game_menu_background.gfx
11. In Game Setting Text : dropzone\ui\ delete in_game_settings.gfx
12. Log Screen : dropzone\ui\ delete log_screen.gfx
13. Pause Menu Text : dropzone\ui\ delete pause_menu.gfx
14. Setting Text : dropzone\ui\ delete settings.gfx
15. Apparel icons : dropzone\ui delete profile_screen.gfx
18. Increased Map Color : dropzone\textures\ui\ delete map_reserve_0 folder
19. Bright or Warm FlashLight : dropzone\textures\ delete lighting folder
20. Need Blur\bokeh deep of field back ? : Generation Zero\dropzone\ delete environment folder 
21. Need Breathing_Heartbeat sound back ? : Generation Zero\dropzone\ delete sound folder
22. Need Fall Damage back ? : Generation Zero\dropzone\ delete settings folder

Bonus :
Collectible Map
- Generation-Zero-+-DLC-Hight-Resolution-Map png and psb format Download
High-Resolution Map with Location ( 8626x6478 300ppi)31.MB by me Download
- Interactive map , exemple : all collectible location
Generation Zero Hud Toggle (perfect for beautiful screenshots) mod by Pino44io Download from here
Simply drop all files where the "GenerationZero_F.exe" is located.  Once ingame press "CAPS LOCK" to toggle the HUD