Generation Zero

Frequently Asked Questions about mods

Game update and mod compatibility:

If game updates, mods need to be updated, too. When that happens, move the dropzone folder outside of the game folder or rename the dropzone and wait for mod updates. In case the carry weight-storage mod becomes incompatible with an update, the game will not automatically remove your excess items. However, you can't move, fast-travel or bring in and out anything from the storage until the excess is removed. TO BE SURE, BACKUP your most recent savegame and savegame.bac files before allowing Steam to update your game. 

Are mods the causes of crashing and kicking out in multiplayer session?
The first mod for non-beta Generation Zero came out April 8, 2019, while the game's crashing, corrupt saves and terribly unreliable multiplayer with rampant crashing and kicking out started since the game was launched on March 26, 2019. If you have a Steam account search the word "crash" or "kick" and you will see a lot of posts prior to April 8.

Are mods executable files (.exe)?
I can only speak for my mods, and "no" they are not executable files.

How to use mods during multiplayer sessions?

If you wish to play Multiplayer with mods installed (mods are recommended for  use on single player only), make sure each player has -- more or less -- the same mods in the dropzone folder, or else the chances of getting kicked out of the game could increase. Please set multiplayer settings to "invite only" to prevent unmodded  players from joining, which can disrupt your game. For troubleshooting crashing during multiplayer session, remove all mods from dropzone folder and put them back one at a time.If your session still crashes, let someone else host it and see if the problem goes away. Note that many multiplayer session crashes (with or without mods) happen many times and for random of reasons. For some reasons, Generation Zero, is prone to crashing, especially immediately after a game update .

How to premod you storage for use in multiplayer session?
While on single player, store all the bullets, medkits, adrenaline you can find. Store all crafting items into the recycling station. Make sure you are carrying weight that is slightly below than the weight allowed by the game. Exit solo play. Rename your dropzone folder to inactivedropzone or nodropzone and so on.  You can now join any multiplayer session without any active mod. You can take out items from the storage but you cannot store anything new as you are already over the limits. You can still store crafting items in recycling station if not full yet. With disabled dropzone, you can ensure that mods wouldn't be blamed for kicking out problems.

This will give you the convenience of having supplies that you can easily reach but will not enhance your damage capabilities. 

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