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About this mod

This mod currently depending on what version you choose replaces all loot boxes with the next step up or two steps up or even to legendary.
This mod is in beta and needs heavy testing

Permissions and credits
This is just a test to see if this game can even be modded ...
Just tinkering with some files here and there.

A couple of versions here...
-Rarity x1  
  =Upgrades rarity for crates by 1
-Rarity x2 
  =Upgrades rarity for crates by 2
- Legendary
  =Rarity for crates is only legendary
(Note) This does not affect mission rewards only placed loot boxes I think?
(Double Note) This does scale with difficulty

Install Instructions
1. Extract selected file to steamapps\common\GearsTactics\GearGame\Content\Gameplay\Tables\CSV 
2. Make a backup then overwrite any files
3. Profit???

May need a new save state again this isn't really tested 

If you don't want to break things on your main save, make a second save state 

-Possible Bugs-
 =It's permanent?
 =May also affect all loot not sure yet needs more testing

I plan on revamping this but from what I can guess this needs a full save restart I could be wrong though so please test this for me <3

Ignore the insane damage in the main image that was another mod I'm testing


-Double Locusts
-Tripple Locusts
-More Drones
-999+ Weapon damage
-Never Miss

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 = Thanks to DarkDill for notifying me that it wasn't working, just fixed it on my end. Let me know if it still is broke <3