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Where every weapon has their own personality.

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This mod seeks to provide both satisfaction and challenge.
Updated to 1.1: Changes reflected in description.

Each gun in your arsenal has been modified to make you rethink your playstyle..

  • Lancer: Overwatch accuracy, angle and range increased for tactical play. Other minor tweaks.
  • Retro: High critical chance and damage. Less range and ammo than Lancer.
  • Gnasher: Complete overhaul. High damage output allows 1-2 hit kills but now you need to be point blank range.
  • Pistol: Accuracy/Range buffed to promote sidearm usage (especially for shotgun/retro users).
  • Longshot: Superior range at the cost of 1 shot per reload.
  • Mulcher: In between Lancer/Retro in damage with high ammo and wide Overwatch angle.. yet low accuracy.
  • Grenades: Both stims and frags have increased radius and damage/heal.

So.. buffs all around. Sounds good, right?
There's just one catch.. The locust have received equal buffs.
  • Hammerburst: High accuracy/critical/range with slight damage buff.
  • Torquebow: Can 1-hit kill but low accuracy. Buffed damage with low accuracy.
  • Boomshot: Can 1-hit kill but low accuracy. Buffed damage with low accuracy.
  • Gnasher: Same as player.
  • Longshot: Same as player.
  • Gorgon: High damage and critical chance.
  • Wretches: Slight damage buff.
Install: Place folder within Gears Tactics\GearGame\Content\Gameplay\Tables\CSV (For Steam Users, Not sure if Windows Store version allows mods)