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Bringing various ad-Judgment-s to this Gears of War game overhauling Overrun classes, bot AI in SP/MP and weapon balancing.

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For Clarification: Yes, you need an emulator to play GoW J on PC. Works with JTAG also.
Check out my Unleashed mods for the other Gears games on my moddb page or here on the nexus.
NOTE: I've included the Title Updates as optional downloads. Look below for details in installation.

Overrun classes now more effective and fun to use as well as Shotgun and Double Barrel now buffed to rival Lancers.Other changes affect Bot AI in Campaign Overrun and Versus, other weapon balancing, graphical enhancements like draw
distance/shadows/blood and skip startup logos.


Overrun/Survival Mode:

  • Engineer Class Sentry Gun now deploy 3x longer and reacts faster but with health/dmg reduced
  • Engineer Class Repair Tool now has more repair range, repair speed and near infinite magazine size
  • Engineer is a speedster. His movement speed is very fast but his health is very low
  • Scout Class Spot Grenade now grants 25% damage boost & other debuffs
  • Scout is balanced. Slightly increased health
  • Soldier Class Ammo Box has increased radius
  • Soldier is a tank. His health is greatly increased but movement speed greatly reduced
  • Medic Class received no major changes because the double barrel is now a reward in itself :)
  • Medic Class is balanced. Movement speed slightly increased
  • Grenadier has greatly increased health
  • Kantus movement speed much faster
  • Overall, each class has a more defined playstyle. Engineers have to stay on the move while Soldiers can stand their ground more easily. The
  • same goes for the Locust as my AI changes (defined below) carry over.

  • Campaign difficulty [damage/health scaling] reworked for consistent challenge with less spikes. Friendlies and enemies go down more often
  • instead of dying which emphasizes revives for both sides.
  • Bots in SP & MP [react faster/more accurate/revive faster]. They also beast with power weapons, shoot from further away and aren't
  • scared of using shotguns

  • Various weapon buffs (shotgun, nade launcher, double barrel, marksman, hammerburst, etc)
  • Removed Motion Blur and Depth of Field
  • Draw distance, shadows and blood (minorly) increased
  • Skips all startup logos for quick main menu access
Drag and drop the mod files into your gears of war judgment folder and replace files. done
- if you have an ISO then google search a xbox 360 iso extractor, extract the iso and then install the mod files. done.

INSTALL TU: (May cause minor visual glitches)
For the Title Update, you must have the correct version of the game installed (I ripped my files from the disc
version and not digitally). Don't worry about if you're not able to use
the TU update, my mod works regardless.

Copy 000B0000 folder to Documents\Xenia\content\4D530A26. The Default.xex will replace your main Judgment folders Default.xex

Playing GoW J on PC with the Xenia app is easy. Unfortunately, you'll need to research it for yourself, start with youtube.
I don't condone piracy in any form but this mod doesn't care anyway, also mod may only work with english version of game