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Bored of playing campaign and playing online with noobs? Here is solution for ya!! H.I.V.E Mode is an Horde variation game mode, no more mindless shooting to Grunts and Wretches, now you have to defend strategic points, protect VIPs and assasin locust commanders and many more, of course it will be senseless without swarm of bloodthirsty locust.

Permissions and credits
I. Changes:
1. Mechanics:
  • Removed 30 seconds Timer for building after each wave – you can build now all the time
  • Wave interval timer is now a settable option through Command line
  • Lambent Appearance in HIVE mode is now settable option through Command line
2. Enemies:
  • Butcher Appearance is changed – maximum wave he can appear is wave 15
  • Kantus Appearance is changed – minimum wave he can appear is wave 1, maximum is 15
  • Lambent Zerker is removed from gameplay – thus it stays within game to stop potential game breaking bugs and crashes
  • Updated mesh LODs for ticker, bloodmount
  • Updated Materials for Kantus, Bloodmount, Butcher and Mauler
3. Fortifications:
  • Slightly Increased Sentry Damage to feel more relevant
4. Weapons:
  • Grenades can now be planted on ground
  • Torquebow Headshots now do decapitate enemy and doesn’t stop on him
  • Changed Overlay for OneShot
  • OneShot now works in similar way as Gears of War 3
  • New Weapons Should now be able to kill downed enemy
  • Flamethrower burns people (skin changes back after 5 seconds for COGs )
5. User Interface:
  • Every playable character will now have their proper portrait
  • All standard weapons have updated weapon icons
6. Characters:
  • Changed GUDS and efforts for Judgment characters
  • All Pawns now get burned skin effect when affected by scorcher or incendiary grenade
II. Fixes:
1. Mechanics:
  • Fixed up Fortification placing System
2. Enemies
  • Enemy Snipers can’t headshot you anymore – though you can be hit in the head by them – it will not decapitate you. But you still can be headshotted by other enemies
3. Fortifications:
  • Sentry gun now properly aim and damages enemies
  • Sentry gun sound volume tuned down
4. Weapons:
  • Fixed OneShot Scope
  • Fixed OneShot Firing mechanic
5. User Interface:
  • Every playable character will now have their proper portrait
6. Characters:
  • Fixed Sofia Hendriks Model Mirror Table
III. New Content:
1. Mechanics:
  • New Ammobox model
  • Player can now change his weapons on Command Center for 500$
  • Player will not respawn near base when enemies are nearby – least populated spawn point will be chosen
2. Enemies:
  • Savage Kantus
  • Boomer Elite (with Dropshot)
  • Grinder Elite (with Vulcan)
  • Mauler Elite
  • Savage Theron with Cleaver
  • Rager(no Rage mode)
  • Tremor
3. Fortifications:
  • Ammo stock pile
  • Flying Sentry
  • Silverback
4. Weapons:
  • Scoped Markza
  • Breechshot
  • TripWire Crossbow
  • Booshka Grenade Launcher
  • Dropshot Drill Launcher
  • Incendiary Grenade
  • Mortar
  • Vulcan Minigun
5. User Interface:
  • New characters portraits
6. Characters:
  • Ezra Loomis will now have his respective voice lines and efforts
  • Alex Brand will now have her respective voice lines
  • Female Onyx Guard will now have her respective voice lines
  • Garron Paduk will now have his respective voice lines and Efforts
  • Sofia Hendriks will now have her respective voice lines and efforts
IV. Known Issues:
  • Flying Sentry sometimes does not spawn?
  • Turret Does Not Spawn?
  • Mortar After droping Does not show properly(Probably Fixed)?
  • Sentry does not face its shooting target?
V. Useful Commands:
Hosting map:

Open HM_Sanctuary?Game=Hive.WarGameHive?Var1=Value1?VarN=ValueN

Hosting commands:
?BleedOutTime=5 will set revival time for 5 seconds – settable values (0-500 seconds)
?Wave=15 will set current wave as 16th wave - settable values (0-24)
?Lambent= anything typed after “=” will allow to spawn lambent enemies
?Cash=5000 will set starting cash balance at 5000$ - minimum value is 1500
?Waveinterval=30 will set time in seconds that horde spawns after end of previous wave – settable values (0-180)
During Game commands:
RestartWave – will restart current wave
Hardrestart – will start game from beginning
RespawnPlayer – will respawn player – you’ll pay for it like you would try to respawn during wave
Cash – gives 10000$
SetWave number – will set current wave to number