Garrison: Archangel
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In the most recent build, missions mode doesn't save certain variables correctly, making it impossible to progress. This is a workaround.

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The bug in missions mode is caused by the new save system. The save file in documents is initially copied from the registry, but whenever the game replaces it, it leaves out the faction standings. This makes it impossible to unlock new parts or special missions-- not good. The next time you start the game, it also overwrites your original save in the registry with your new, bugged save file. This is VERY not good. My fix deletes the bugged save before loading the game, so your game is always loading from the original, healthy save in the registry.

My mod requires four easy steps, two of which are installing the latest version of the game and backing up your save. That said, if you look under the hood it might seem convoluted. I had to:
-Leave the original game file intact, to avoid sync errors in multiplayer.
-Make sure the bugged save was deleted before every start, even when the game restarted itself due to graphics changes
-Allow the game to talk to Steam (achievements, multiplayer) without allowing Steam to start the game directly
-Give Steam an app to start that wasn't the game itself
-Create a delay between closing my .exe and starting the game so Steam wouldn't think multiple instances were running

Considering all the parameters I had to work within, I'd say this is a downright elegant solution. But if you've got any suggestions or expertise to offer, feel free to post a suggestion.