ELANOR - Cinematic Skyrim Gameplay

This is the story of Elanor.
Elanor is a Daedric succubus from the realm of Euphoria (formerly knows as Coldharbor). Originally created to serve as a member of the Euphorian guard.
Raydin Steelfang wanted to create a new, even more human-like succubi race and Elanor was the first.
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Because of the unpredictable nature of human-like emotions, Elanor was...well, unpredictable, to say the least. She had been put through a special series of training but still, too rebellious, too independent, too uncontrollable.
Raydin tried to have her transferred to the Shivering isles but Sheogorath refused, claiming that the Shivering isles are not a garbage bin for Raydin's failed experiments.
So, eventually, he had enough of her. he banished her from Oblivion and locked her up in the worst place he could think of - Skyrim.

This is a modded Skyrim Gameplay, Captured and edited to get more of a Movie feeling to it. It is still very much Work in Progress. At the moment I´m re-editing episodes that I´ve already uploaded. after that I´ll continue uploading another two episoded (12 & 13) which will end season 1.
There are plans for Season 2 that I might start working on, but not at the moment.