• 6 March 2017 17:15:19

    Mod Spotlight: Transfer Settlements by CDante

    posted by TerrorFox1234 Feature

    Every once in awhile a mod comes along that is so innovative and game changing it makes you wonder what dark sorcery the mod author performed during its creation. Mods that are not only astonishing on their own, but open doors and place a foundation for more mods to build upon.

    We’ve decided to start showcasing these sorts of mods when they release. This won’t be on any sort of weekly or monthly schedule as these types of mods tend to be rare. That is not to say there aren’t incredible and innovative mods coming out on a weekly basis though! We have the Staff Picks and our social media accounts for showing off this community’s amazing work from week to week (and I am constantly blown away by the boundaries you all push with your creativity).

    This type of mod is on a whole different level however. Today I am talking about the release of Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints by CDante.

    If you haven’t been tracking the progress for this one, here is what the brief description has to say:

    Transfer Settlements is a mod that allows you to simply export your settlements into external data files called BLUEPRINTS, and also lets you import these blueprints back into your game using it in any of your savegames of any of your characters. And similar to Looksmenu or Bodyslide presets this mod also opens up a new possibility to share these data files on as single settlement blueprint files that anyone can download and use with this mod.
    For someone like me, who quickly grew bored with playing “Fallout 4: Settlement Simulator,” this is a big deal. The idea that I will be able to populate and furnish settlements without sinking hours of game time into crafting and placing objects is thrilling.

    As I said though, it’s not just about the mod itself and what it does. It’s also about the doors that this mod opens for other people and the foundation it lays to be built upon. I fully expect to see a whole sub-community of settlement builders to crop up and I look forward to seeing the quality settlements that become available over time. We will eventually have a new Fallout 4 subcategory for these blueprints to make finding all your favorite settlement builds much easier. I’d also be interested to see some sort of quest related to rebuilding the wasteland that utilizes prebuilt settlement importing upon completing quests. Sort of a middle ground between simply importing settlements and having to build them yourself. (hint hint, mod authors!)

    As always, be sure to read the full mod description before diving in. While the mod is still considered "beta", it is quite functional and CDante continues to iron out the remaining issues. 

    I can’t wait to see where this community takes this mod and look forward to the next big innovation in modding. If you have suggestions for mods that you think deserve a spotlight for being revolutionary in their own right, feel free to send a message along! Happy modding!

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