• 10 October 2016 17:54:07

    Announcing our newest staff member, Jim, aka Terrorfox1234

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It is with great pleasure that I can announce the newest addition to the Nexus Mods team, Jim, who goes by the alias Terrorfox1234.

    Jim has been on my radar for a long time. He originally applied for the community manager position that ultimately SirSalami ended up filling due to having a bit more prior-experience in the area, but we’ve maintained contact over the past 18 months and interacted on many occasions throughout the wider community. I liked his application so much that I specifically messaged him to let him know how great it was, and to let him know that if something similar cropped up again, I’d know exactly where to look.

    It is clear that Jim has a great understanding of the community as a whole with a level of tact far above my own (something I’m sure the mod authors who’ve used our private forums over the past year in some of the more...heated...topics can attest to). He has a clear knowledge of modding his games and has shown a keen interest in helping many other users to mod their games within the wider community.

    What’s more, he comes on board with a lot of great ideas and a serious willingness to work his ass off, which always helps!

    Jim joins the team beside our current Community Manager, Dave, and our Director of Content, Paul in a role that will see him, and us, engaging more with our community here at Nexus mods as well as being an ambassador abroad, on the wide web. While Dave typically focuses on internal issues within our community; moderation, talking with and helping users and mod authors, handling disputes and what not, Jim is going to be more public and outward focussed. Things like the recent AMA we did, Get To Know Your Mod Author streams, and generally engaging more with our community is going to be his top priority.

    Similarly, from my time running these sites over the past years, it’s clear that there are many misconceptions about the Nexus that are hard to shake off on the wider web. Not least, that we only host mods for Bethesda games. This obviously isn’t the case at all, and we have a keen interest in spreading the word that we are ready and willing to host mods for any and all games, not just the “big games” and not just “Bethesda games”. Jim will be taking up the flag for our cause elsewhere on the internet.

    I’m really happy to have Jim on board with us (not least because he makes my job easier, and will likely do it far better than me!), so please give him a welcoming hello.

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