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NetshiConsoles delivers new expanded consoles from the fictional company of Netshi, founded by the famed Game Developer, Kirito Netshi!

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=== Welcome to NetshiConsoles! ===
<<<[ v.0.1 ]>>>

by Ky Cabrera

NetshiConsoles delivers new expanded custom consoles from the fictional company of Netshi, founded by the famed Game Developer, Kirito Netshi!

As of the current [v.0.1] Update, there are a total of 3 early game accessible consoles available to the player, spanning from the late 1970s, to the late 1980s.

Below is a brief description of each console, by order of release date, I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I did making it, and wish you good luck in your journey to the top! Thank you for downloading NetshiConsoles!

Netshi VI (Video Interactive)
Approximate IRL Release Date:
In Game Reveal Text : "The release of the 'Netshi Video Interactive' home video arcade system, last month, has shocked the gaming market! The Video Interactive (officially shortened to simply, VI), provides a budget friendly option for those looking to play quality arcade ports in the comfort of the living room. The VI boasts a whopping 2Kb of onboard RAM, as well as the ability to load cartridges with a maximum of 64Kb. Controlling the VI itself is relatively simple, with it's single-player oriented, arcade cabinet layout, featuring a single microswitch joystick, and 7 available action buttons. Despite the lack of an option for multiplayer gaming, the VI has so far proved rather successful in the home gaming market, with many curious to see what more Netshi has under their sleeve..."

A Brief Description...

The Netshi VI (Video Interactive), was my attempt at designing something akin to the likes of early '70s consoles, not taking any direct influences, but combining several features that were common at the time. It's control scheme is set up on the system itself, with a lack of controller ports and conventional controllers. It has 7 action buttons, including the one on top of the joystick. In my opinion, it's more like a cartridge loading, home arcade system, that connects to your TV, rather than the traditional video game console as we know it today.

Netshi N-Core
Approximate IRL Release Date:
In Game Reveal Text : "Netshi, the Japanese Game Development Company headed by Kirito Netshi, and responsible for the formerly novel Netshi VI, has decided to unveil its first true up and coming ‘Game Console’ called, The 'Netshi N-Core'. It is considered to be a relatively budget option for those looking for a modern 8-Bit system, featuring a conventional top-loading cartridge system, and standard 9-Pin Controller Ports. Netshi intends to market the console towards lower and middle class families, searching for a more inexpensive option on the market, though with the sacrifice of some technical ability. The Console is expected to release sometime in the beginning of the New Year, it's primary launch title being the highly anticipated RPG 'Valokir!' "

A Brief Description...

The Netshi N-Core, an eager competitor to the rising video game market that was the early 1980s. Netshi's first "True Console", intended for it to be a budget option, for the average consumer who was just looking for some good ol' 8-bit fun time. It's relatively conventional in hindsight, with a top loading cartridge system, 9-Pin Controller Ports, and relatively powerful NC-111 8-bit microprocessor, the N-Core is a strapping machine, especially considering it's debut $75 price tag.

Netshi N-Core "Pocket"
Approximate IRL Release Date:
In Game Reveal Text : "In response to the unveiling of the Ninvento Gameling, Netshi has announced the upcoming release of the 'N-Core Pocket', a handheld 8-bit console, with ports of original N-Core Games already in development. The console features a 3.25 inch LCD Screen, x4 rechargeable Double A Batteries, allowing for over 12 hours of gameplay each session, and four action buttons. With its primary launch title being a port of the highly acclaimed late developed original N-Core RPG, 'Tales of Wallachia', The N-Core Pocket will hit shelves sometime within the next couple months, expecting to fill the gap between the original N-Core, and the announced 16-Bit Console, soon to be released by Netshi in the future.”

A Brief Description...

Ahh, of course, the N-Core Pocket, what self respecting console producing company would ignore the handheld market? The relatively under-powered N-Core Pocket was released with an intent to compete against the likes of the Ninvento Gameling, and that it did very well. Though it cost slightly more than the Gameling at launch (debuting at $95 USD), the N-Core Pocket had a hefty library of critically acclaimed, original N-Core ports, released alongside it's launch.
Despite its limited capabilities, the N-Core Pocket boasted a large and consistent amount of respectable games and ports, with the large majority being among the RPG, Adventure, and Action genres. The N-Core Pocket was indeed a premium, and respected handheld of it's time, being the first Netshi console to reach worldwide success en masse, due to its ease of manufacture and marketing strategy.