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I create mods in waves. That says I would show up mostly during the late fall, to output any new ideas in a single impulsive modding burst, only to return to my summer habits in spring. So if I'm not around, I'm outside doing sports. This will naturally limit my time I spend in front of the computer during summer time, even though I probably spend more time in front of it than the average user. In summer you can usually find me on Strava doing my things during this time. My Steam name is the same as here. Just follow the links if you miss me...







My focus for both, Skyrim(SSE) and Fallout 4 lies on survival/hardcore/sandbox aspects, and gameplay. I would also add a lot of environmental realism, and "immersion" related mods. Though anybody has their own definition of "immersion" I think. I'm also most exclusively playing in first person, so I do not really emphasize on "good looks".


Which in return means, I do not use an awful lot of Armor, Weapon, and Body related mods. Only those I downloaded from the Creation Club in the past, and those added by some of the Overhauls I'm using, like that one big Minutemen mod. Those big mods add so much item related stuff already, I don't have the need for even more.


Righ now I'm entirely focused on making mods for Starfield and playing the game. At this point I guess FO4 has taken the throne from Skyrim for my most favorite game ever played, if you take the quantity of time spend on it into account. This is a good thing for Fallout players using my mods, but obviously a bad thing for all of the rest in other games I create mods for. The favorit may change to Starfield during the following years.


I'm quite tunnel focused on one thing when I start working on it, because I can't get shite done if I don't. And believe me, continously making mods consumes a lot of time and is a lot of work...but it's worth every minute and great fun!