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Additional content for custom races including portraits, logos, backgrounds, and, most importantly, ship sets and factions!

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What IS Gauntlet's Race Mod?

Gauntlet's Race Mod is the premier custom race mod for Galactic Civilizations 3 and also provides an array of additional content to improve your game experience. There are versions of GRM for both Crusade and non-Crusade, however the non-Crusade version will generally go unsupported.

GRM Offers
30+ Custom Ship Styles that the AI will use!
30+ Custom Races
50+ Ship Appearances
15+ Minor Races (who start with some colony ships!)
100+ Race Portraits
100+ Backgrounds
130+ Race Logos
600+ Citizen Portraits
Replaces the Anomalies and greatly increases their diversity and coolness!
Replaces all Mercenaries from the Bazaar
Replaces the Mines and Bazaar models
Replaces the Pirate models and grants them a few starting ships!
Custom Races get more ability points (Increase from 2 to 4)
Adds additional Abilities!
Adds additional Starting Ship Combos!

1) If you use this mod for your own ships/races/etc. a brief credit to this mod is appreciated. 

2) Turn ship-trails off, I use engines as parts in turrets and hulls, it can be distracting.

3) If you experience performance issues, it is most likely the result of the heavy use of animations in any/all of my ship models, or otherwise GC3's general issues. If you experience issues, I recommend either playing with less total races, less races utilizing the ship sets, or otherwise upgrading your PC.
4) Under no circumstances may you upload any of these ship designs or factions to Steam. 

Please reach out and report any glitches/bugs, any ships with clipping or other issues. Also it would be great, if you end up adding to the designs using the custom components, for you to share them with the community! Please credit the mod if you do!

Special thanks to:
Horemvore for his helpful attitude!
R3bel02 for one of his logos.
JP193 for submitting a design via the contest.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!