Galactic Civilizations III
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This is a two part mod. First is an improvement to drive speeds. Second is the new racial ability called telepathic

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For the drive adjustment, I increased the speed of each new drive researched by 1. So instead of 1-1-2-2-3-4 it's now 1-2-3-4-5-6 moves. I also made every drive one per ship except for the prototype hyperdrive which requires antimatter (this drive is now 3 speed though). So if you want a ship that is all drives, you will need to spend some antimatter to do it.

For the telepathy race ability, it has several bonuses. First is a +4 logistic bonus. Second is a 20% security defense (equal to two counteragents for espionage). Third is that instead of normal drives, telepathic drives gives a +3% dodge fleet evasion bonus. That means a swarm of small hulled telepaths with be very hard to hit, and by putting them on the drive the AI will naturally put one on every ship.

To make this all work I had to change the shipcomponentdef file, so any other mod which changes ship components might interfere with this one. Otherwise everything else is additive and shouldn't interfere with anything else. Everything should go in your mod folder.

After a couple weeks modding the balance of the game this is my first attempt at publishing a mod and I still have to test some parts out (notably the espionage part). Feel free to provide constructive feedback.