Galactic Civilizations III
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This mod eliminates the LEP by way of a simple planetary improvement

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NOTE: I no longer develop mods for GC3 this mod is provided as is and is now public domain, anyone may use it as they see fit including recycling parts or updating and republishing it.

Welcome to the Propaganda Center mod version 1.2
The purpose of this mod it simply to provide those persons who dislike the Large Empire Penalty system a simple version
and mod agnostic method of disabling it in any game at any time they like.
The Propaganda Center is a simple improvement which adds the Patriotic Tag to any race which builds it.  It is a cheap
improvement which is available at the start of the game and need only ever be built once.
This mod is agnostic to game version and does not interfere with any other mod and so should continue to work without
issue or upset.  If something does go wrong with it feel free to message me and I will look into it promptly.

Installation: Simply unzip the file into your “//MyDocuments/My Games/GalCiv3/Mods” directory, it will create a new
directory there. Then login to the game, go to  Options, select the Gameplay Tab and check the box for Enable Mods.
Next, Exit the game and when you relaunch it the mod will be active. 

Begin V1.2
(Fix) Removed the IsIndestructible tag so the propaganda center can be demolished.
End V1.2

Begin V1.1
Changed the <Prerequ>ColonizationTech</Prerequ> to use TechTree instead so Drengin and Yor will use the Propaganda Center.
    Credit goes to BuckGodot for catching that one!
End V1.1