Galactic Civilizations III
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Karl Franz

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Traditional farming/arable land construction for Retribution

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MOD function:

1. Replaces Arable Land with Traditional Farm that can be build from the start (same icon).

2. Planets start with it as with arable land since it's technically same thing, only name is changed. I know its still little weird but way better and won't ruin game for AI.

3. After that there are 3 levels of upgrade that can be achieved with proper tech.

Currently tested for v4.0 with all major expansions.
Use at your own risk. May cause universe to collapse.

To activate:
Before installing remove any other version of this mod.
extract to: C:\Users\xxx\Documents\My Games\GC3Crusade\Mods
and ENABLE MODS in game options->gameplay

All my mods I made primally for myself. Use as is. Bug reports are welcome but I will not be making changes someone else wants.