Galactic Civilizations III
Explorer class survey vessel

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The Mark I variant of my Explorer Class Survey Vessels.

Powered by 4 Ion engines capable of 14 moves per turn and a range of 149. Sensor Radius 7.  These unarmed survey ships are meant to appear early in the game, and are used to map large(r) maps and vaccum up space junk with far greater speed and efficiency than the default survey ships.

In order to make this class appear early, you must take Capacity +10 in logistics. Later versions of these vessels have immense range and speed and are capable of keeping tabs on ship movements with ease on even the largest maps due to their powerful secondary sensor arrays.

Author of the model - unknown. Nerds everywhere will of course, recognize the ship as the Earth Alliance EXPLORER class star-ship from Babylon 5, a specialized engineering vessel, tasked with constructing jump gates in distant Star Systems.

Note: Re-up'd with a better picture.