Friday Night Funkin'
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Full-fledged Jazz-themed assets and maps. While currently a WIP, there are still many assets and maps/music that have been added to the game, with longtime support being planned.

Permissions and credits
Three difficulties are available for each map, spanning from Hard, to Death, in which the chart acts as a substitute for the musical notation. By that, I mean that on Death difficulty, virtually every single note of the song is mapped, except for chords and voicings. This includes glissandos and grace notes. Death difficulty is only for stepmania professionals and masochists to end all masochists.

Added so far (Music):

-Week 3 (Saxophone)
+Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street - Pico

-Week 4 (Piano)
+Art Tatum's Tea for Two - High. 
+Art Tatum's Tiger Rag - Satin Panties.

Added so far (Assets):

+UI difficulty icons - Hard, Brutal, and Death.
+UI icons for Tatum and Coltrane

-Week 3
+John Coltrane in place of Pico.

-Week 4 (Piano)
+Art Tatum in place of Mom. 

Future Plans (listed in order of importance):
+add Michael Millo's Jazz for Philly.
+add John Coltrane's Giant Steps and Oscar Peterson's Boogie Etude when the developers allow for higher bpm support. 
+tidy up Art Tatum's boss sprites.
+Begin work on Weeks 1 and 2.
+Begin work on Week 5.
+create BF and GF skins - no idea for the moment.
+create backgrounds for each week.