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Expands on the work of Louva-Deus (SDK/QuickFix) and Buck Danny (Unofficial FL SP patch), providing many additional improvements and some new features (additional controls, including rolling and vertical strafing (warning: may be considered cheating on some servers); actual Stats displays for Powerplants, Engines, Scanners, Tractor Beams and Armor

Permissions and credits
Jason's Freelancer Patch Version 1.20

This is a patch to correct many things in the original game.  It builds on the work of Louva-Deus (the SDK/QuickFix) and Buck Danny (the Unofficial FL SP 1.4 patch).  Only the changes I have made are described; changes made by SDK 1.3 are not described (but those from 1.5b15 are); changes made by Buck Danny are described in "Patch description 1.40.txt" (or .doc) - please read that before continuing.  Unfortunately, some of the changes might introduce incompatibil-
ities with some mods - see mods.txt for a list and necessary changes.  It will also not work with unpatched servers.

Servers running JFLP wanting to remain compatible with clients that do not, need to undo one of the changes. 

In DATA\MISSIONS\mbases.ini, replace every Scripts\vendors\robot_commtrader_fidget.thn with Scripts\vendors\li_commtrader_fidget.thn to prevent the client from crashing.

Please see 'jflp.txt' in Freelancer\JFLP for a comprehensive list of changes.

Jason Hood <[email protected]>