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My custom preset for forza horizon 5. No oversaturation just realism at its finest.

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This is my "Cinematic Realism" reshade preset for Forza Horizon 5. 

This preset really adds that extra "oomph" that was needed to really make the world even more immersive.

By using MagicHDR i added a tone mapper, really bringing down some color levels bringing a new, yet similar vibe to the game.

By using Reflective bumpmapping, the edges of foilage and low detailed textures from a distance are fixed to make them appear less "pixelated".  
small reflections on cars are more detailed and is a simulation of ray tracing. 

recommended game brightness : 60-75 or adjust to your liking.

In the photos shown my settings were mostly on high.

Please take a look at the photos displayed. To see the comparisons more efficiently I recommend using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

how to install :
- place the .ini file into your games main directory. (same folder as forzahorizon5.exe)
- have reshade installed of course
FPS drop 15-25 (GeForce GTX 1650 Ti)(16gb ram)
game crashes on startup for me 2 times before it actually works :/ hopefully an update will fix this but...
Im pretty sure this is because reshade is not compatible with the microsoft/all? version(s) of Forza.
but its worth the pain honestly, hope you enjoy my "cinematic realism" experience.

more information in the read me.txt