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A collection of mods for the 3D Match portion of FM20.

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I've decided to move this into its own page in order to be able to make it a bit more modular...for people that might want 1 or 2 things and not the whole pack.

The modifications provided from previous versions will be split into multiple downloads in order to accommodate this, with version numbers being reset. An "all-in-1" will not be included ,until the final version, in order to avoid unnecessary workload and/or confusion.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mod listing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

---NAME--- version
Content (info)

---3DM Stadia fix--- FINAL
Tweaked textures (no more hideous yellow anywhere)

---3DM Football--- 0.1
Somewhat similar design to nike-F90, (change colour through preferences->skin colours)

---3DM Tracksuits--- 0.1
(single colour - matches kit used in that match)

---3DM Officials--- 0.1
Linesmen flags (altered design), Ref Cards (fluorescent), Corner flag texture

---3DM Banners--- WIP
(eg. lgbt => pirate flag )
THIS AFFECTS CERTAIN NET PATTERNS AS WELL. (Flag and net patterns resources are shared...with very few exceptions eg. LGBT)

---3DM CrowdTextures--- 0.2
Tweaked male and female crowd textures (some ladies show a tiny bit of skin, in order to differentiate from the men)
---3DM CrowdPal--- 0.1
Tweaked crowd colour palette

---3DM PitchPat--- 0.2
Pitch pattern overlay (done from scratch, circle designs differ from vanilla)

---3DM PitchTex--- WIP
Pitch Textures(texture replacements)

---3DM Particles--- 0.1
(Tweaked rain drops & mud particles)

---3DM PlayerSkins--- 0.1
(more distinct variations relative to the base skins)

---3DM Staff--- 0.1
Tweaked Stadium staff skin tones & Camera man outfit


1.Create a backup of simatchviewer-pc.

2.Use FM Resource Archiver to bake the contents of the .zip in simatchviewer-pc

Restore your backup of simatchviewer-pc

Drop them in "...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020"
...and potentially have some of them not show up.