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Based on Allegri last season tactics, this is an offensive style for FM 2019 to get more chances for good play and surefire goals, without forgetting about defense.

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Hi all, 

Like many of you I'm adapting to this new football manager, and its changes, especially regarding the tactical part.

I admit that I started the championship recently, but even though I'm using Bologna and not having the maximum harmony with and among the players, I think I've found a functional, fun and strong tactic!

With this 4-1-2-3, not only can you get an offensive game, but finally you can also avoid that continuous game of 4-2-3-1 (still a very valid tactic in all football manager versions) based on the bring the ball into the area by cross from the wing.

This tactic also allows smaller teams to compete in their league and score a lot of goals (and consequently raise the price of those players who are not so strong, but who will sell for a good price at the end of the year).

these are my current result with Bologna FC:

Let's start:

- Goalkeeper: better if he is a sweeper keeper, as in my case. mine is even offensive, but it is important that the whole team participate in the rhythm of the action. However it is set on short passages.

- Complete wing-back: this is the role of the full-backs, not to be changed. set maximum intensity, ease on tackle, short passage, get further forward, stay wider, run wide with ball.

- CD and BPD: CD max intensity, mark tighter and ease on tackle, short passage, take fewer risk.
BPD max intensity, mark tighter and ease on tackle, short passage, dribble less.
For me this kind of def are the best, just change left or right.

- BWM : this role this year is better and very helpful, is no more aggressive as last year,is very important. here max intensity, mark tighter and ease on tackle, dribble less.

- BBM: MAx intensity, get further forward , run wide with ball, shot less often and take more risk.

- DLP: this in support, max intensity, run wide with ball, shorter passing.


I think the central attack must be an AF-attack or a complete forward with max intensity and, this is important, more direct passing !!!!

The left and right attacker MUST be on the best roles for them, but all of them must have high intensity and more direct passing.
Being so close, they can create a web of passing that can bring you in goal.

The workouts I follow them, I do not disappoint, my players, here is an example:

That's all for now folks, let me know how it works for you, and if you'll give good idea, you'll help me to improve this! 

Good FM everyone